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Dr. Baxter is one of America’s most experienced and successful Human Resources Expert Witnesses, retained in nearly 200 cases by Plaintiffs and Defendants nationwide. He has been deposed about 40 times, testified in state and federal courts, and offered statistical evidence in about 50 cases.

Unlike the psychologists and lawyers purporting to be Human Resources Experts, Dr. Baxter actually worked – for more than 30 years - as a Human Resources Manager in large and small businesses and government agencies. He is a widely-published HR researcher, and former full Professor of HR Management.

Washington Department of Veterans Affairs certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, SDVOSB Certificate EA2B7F28.

Please see the attached CV for details and list of publications.
Also review the sample Expert Report and the Comments on Opposing Expert.

Dr. G. Baxter CV Sample Expert Report Comments on Opposing Expert

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  • 40 years as Human Resources Manager, Consultant, and Professor
  • 25 years as Testimonial and Consulting HRM and Statistical Expert Witness
  • A Doctorate in Human Resources Management
  • Certified as Senior Professional in HRM by HR Certification Institute
  • Extensive published peer-reviewed research in HRM and employment law
  • Skill in statistical analysis of evidence; member American Statistical Association

Key Contributions You Can Expect from Dr. Baxter

  • Advice on your deposition and interrogatory questions and discovery demands
  • Penetrating review of documentary evidence including HR policies and procedures, personnel files, resumes and internal emails
  • Review of employers’ investigations and disciplinary decisions, recruiting and selection techniques
  • Expert commentary on claims of negligent hiring, retention, or investigation
  • Review and rebuttal of your opposition’s experts’ reports and qualifications
  • Statistical analysis of Adverse Impact and Underutilization by race or sex
  • Calculation of Plaintiffs’ wage and benefit damages
  • Comments on evidence of employer compliance with Title VII, FMLA, ADA, ADEA, USERRA, FLSA, or state counterparts

Phone now for free consultation. 253-224-4155